Information for the optimal usage of our sausage casings.

In order to get the best out of our HUKKI sausage casings, our team will give you advice on location. For a quick overview you will find answers to the most common questions here.

For further important tips for best processing of your product we are at your disposal. Please, contact us and we will be able to chat directly.

 Your questions, our answers:


Which HUKKI casing do you recommend for raw ham and specialties like Coppa and Bresaola?

Essentially every one of our HUKKI casing range are suitable for these products. Please contact us, so that we can give you processing tips. We are also happy to advise you on the right choice of Easy Peel impregnation.

Is HUKKI the right choice for vegan and vegetarian products, too?

Sure! HUKKI Daisy Slice Multilayer artificial casing, one of our Daisy Slice range is perfectly suitable for vegan and vegetarian products. Have a look under HUKKI Daisy Slice – or contact us directly.

Which benefits do the new VFX casings have?

HUKKI VFX casings are composed of an extra strengthened textile mesh which – like all of our HUKKI casings - arecoated with a fine collagen film. By preserving its fermentation features, these casings offer a very high mechanical loading capacity, especially for sliced products. Caliber stability, good shaping of the shoulders at the end of the sausages, high resistance to stuffing pressure, as well as excellent water release during fermentation are its outstanding characteristics. The special strength of this new sausage casing generation is the excellent peelability, both manually as well as mechanically. You will see, the handling is especially convincing for mold ripened salami.

Where can I buy HUKKI casings?

You can order HUKKI casings via all butcher supply companies, meat supply retailers and meat cooperative societies. Please contact us. We are happy to inform you on the closest supplier in your area.

Can I use HUKKI casings for cooked sausages?

Of course, HUKKI casings are suited for the manufacturing of cooked sausages, semi-dry sausages and cooked meat products. For those applications, we recommend casings with 100 Easy-peel impregnation for a better peelability.

Do you have any tips for the soaking of HUKKI casings?

HUKKI casings should always be soaked briefly in cold salt water. We recommend a 10-15% salt concentration. Avoid soaking in advance (to stockpile) if possible. After soaking briefly, let the casings stand on a drip grid or something similar. Casings with netting should stay dry on the open end for a few centimeters. This facilitates the tying and clipping process.

Sometimes the casing is difficult to peel. Can you help me?

Yes, there is a solution. HUKKI casings are offered in finely graduated Easy Peel impregnations, which can be tuned optimally to the needs of your sausage or ham. Please, contact us for more information.

Are there HUKKI casings with meat cling impregnations?

Sure. There are a few dry sausage varieties for which a stronger cling of the casing is advisable. We can recommend different variations for you.

What kind of conversion do you offer for HUKKI casings?

We can offer you HUKKI per meter in form of bundles, rolls or shirred sticks. For cuts you have the choice between bundle, bladder, cap, bag with clip and loop, sewn to shape – or the right one for your application.

Are there recommendations for the clipping process of HUKKI casings?

Yes, there are. Please do not hesitate to contact us or the manufacturer of the clipping machine. A general clipping counsel would not be advisable, because it depends on the following important factors:
  • Which clipping technique is available?
  • Are you planning to clip casings with or without netting?
  • Which caliber needs to be closed-up?