HUKKI – The Original

Producer of high quality artificial casings.

Huckfeldt & Thorlichen GmbH and Co KG is an international family owned enterprise with more than a century of experience in the production of sausage casings. Since 1908 our company develops and produces high value sausage casings close to Hamburg, a port-city that its inhabitants lovingly call the “gate to the world”. Our HUKKI casings are among the top ranking in countries with long and rich traditions for meat-specialities like Germany, France, Italy and Spain. HUKKI is the partner for cost-efficient and premium quality in growth-intensive countries such as the United States.

The future starts now – with HUKKI.

The meat-industry is competitive. New products have to compete on a visual as well as qualitative level with a multitude of similar cold-cut products. High quantities purchased by discounters demand low price policies. The market for food and the ever-changing consumer habits add to the challenges that meat- and sausage-producers have to bear.

HUKKI offers easy handling for hightech equipment.

To meet these demands dry sausage- as well as ham- and raw cured meat producers are breaking new grounds. With HUKKI VFX they have found a partner for new and modern filling techniques. The high caliber stability of our HUKKI VFX supports even extreme pressures during the filling process. HUKKI helps to shorten the fermentation time and your ham holds firmly together – no need for additives of any kind.

HUKKI encases with artisanry and tradition.

For food retailers serving meat specialities at the deli- counter, HUKKI knows just how important packaging is. Often it is the visual appearance that makes the difference. Aesthetic packaging will always be linked to traditional craftsmanship by consumers. Quality you can always count on and trust is essential, especially in the food industry. With its casings of collagen coated textile mesh and its varieties of elaborate nettings, HUKKI offers you the unique look of artisan traditions of home-made craftsmanship. And when desired, fine mold growth for  salamis.

HUKKI’s aesthetic design scores.

HUKKI casings not only perform at the highest levels, they are also beautiful. Connoisseurs immediately recognize HUKKI traditional: Almost transparent. Pure. Virtually impossible to beat. Not to mention our HUKKI honey comb net–whether for deli-counter presentations or for sliced portions – this extremely attractive casing gives your sausage stature. We are happy to present you our assortment and to provide advisory support. The HUKKI palette offers a rich choice of offerings–including our Daisy Slice Multi-Layer artificial casing for new trends like vegetarian and vegan cold cuts.

HUKKI – more than just a matter of taste.

Ready to launch a new product? Have a need for a cooked sausage? On a quest for the right taste? Cooked meat products made in HUKKI assist in achieving an ever full-bodied flavor. Thanks to their unique smoke permeability, HUKKI casings help to release the optimal aroma.

HUKKI casings provide you crucial surplus value.

Try us. We are top-notch. Our quality is cost-efficient not only concerning fermented sausages.The more modern your plant, the more important practical and reliable handling becomes. HUKKI offers you just that. We are doers. We walk the walk, and we talk the talk. We are there for you and can assist you for the maximum advantage that HUKKI casings entail. It´s now or never!

Your HUKKI team.

HUKKI casing guarantees you:

  • safe fermentation
  • high caliber stability
  • efficient processing
  • optimal peeling characteristics
  • innovative solutions
  • unique smoke penetration
  • enhanced release of flavor
  • aesthetic design in the net or simply pure