Dry sausage

HUKKI sausage casings are simply ideal for fermented sausages of all kinds. With their matte, almost transparent finish and their slightly rough surface structure that works so well for mold ripening, they have a very refined look. The artisanal character is always present –just like natural casings. But HUKKI guarantees you all the advantages that only artificial casings can provide.

HUKKI casings are a safe bet.

Thanks to their high elasticity and their extensive recovery properties, HUKKI´s sausage casings are a safe bet for long-term fermented products. A HUKKI casing is very reliable during the drying process to give you peace of mind.

HUKKI casings assist in the maturing process.

HUKKI casings have a high water vapor permeability from the inside to the outside. This is a helpful feature during maturing process.

HUKKI casings assist in flavor enhancement.

An optimal smoky taste is guaranteed thanks to the excellent smoke transmission from the outside of the casing to the inside. This is something you will be able to taste.

HUKKI traditional is available in caliber 40 to 175.

For optimal fermentation of dry sausages we recommend: