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The HUKKI assortment for your meat and sausage specialties.

With its assortment of premium sausage casings, HUKKI has risen to a world-wide successful enterprise. Whether in countries like France, Italy or Spain where traditional butcher´s craft still holds strong customers retention or in the United States, where food safety is especially paramount – HUKKI is present.

Why so much fuss about casings?

It’s quite simple. A meat product has to meet many requirements to attract customers. Meat production is a highly traditional and especially sensitive branch in the realms of the food industry. Therefore our casings are more than just a package. We are your partner for the best possible workmanship in the manufacture, the optimal fermenting of your sausage- and ham-specialties and in protecting the highest food quality. In this you can have full confidence. We make sure that this extra quality is visible to your end-customers.

HUKKI – for sliced products as much as for traditional over-counter service.

HUKKI combines in a unique way traditional aesthetic with high technology and material. By closely working with you, our team is taking care to ensure the optimum results on your machines. Various fine-tuned adhesion options and easy-peel impregnations further increase the reliability in the maturing process of dry sausages and semi-dry sausages of all kinds and facilitate easy handling in the slicing procedure. Even in the sliced section of the self-serving shelves, HUKKI quality characteristics are still identifiable.

Sausage casings made by HUKKI – because presentation is key.

The end consumer has never had so many product offerings to choose from. Therefor, making the packaging of the sausage all the more important. Whether choosing HUKKI traditional or classic to rustic, our many net casing variations influence customer perceptions and purchasing decisions. … The optical stimuli of our products are interwoven with the suggested promise of good meat flavor and full-bodied aroma. Time and again we hear that end consumers prefer sausages in HUKKI casings. At HUKKI, our goal is to present your brand and your product most favorably.

HUKKI – packaging specialist for dry sausage and ham specialties.

You will find the newest innovations in the HUKKI assortment in products including air-dried ham, as well as specialty items like Lomo Iberico, Coppa, Panchetta, Prosciutto Crudo, Jamon, Cecina and Bresaola. For all these culinary delicacies there are HUKKI variations to choose from. Let us assist you in finding the best option.

Your choice – our range of casings.

Our standard range is regularly extended and offers an impressive choice of attractive artificial casings – with or without netting. We have individually designed sausage casings, an almost endless range of caliber sizes, netting variations, mesh sizes, colors and designs at your disposal. Contact us. We would love to assist you with whichever option is best for your product