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HUKKI fibrous net

HUKKI fibrous net – astonishing, how good fibrous casing can look.

HUKKI fibrous netting is more than just a fibrous casing. The netting style refines the casing considerably. You have choices from our wide range of various colors and mesh sizes. HUKKI fibrous netting will make your product stand out from the masses.

HUKKI fibrous net – lure with the many colors of our hitch fibrous casing.

Want to help consumers find your product range via the color code guidance? Present your product range aesthetically and visualize nuanced flavors. Our colored nettings can do this for you. Choose your color-pendant for your salami flavor trio (pepper- salami, hot chili or wild garlic). This color coding will upgrade your product and your product range profits by using a consistent and easy to recognize aesthetic coding.

HUKKI fibrous net – reliably good.

HUKKI fibrous net provides you with HUKKI´s advantages of an easy peeling process and good caliber stability. With HUKKI fibrous nets, you can count on easy handling and processing – manually or fully automated. Are you in need of easy or strong meat cling properties? We can provide you with custom-made options. We will be delighted to counsel you on the various options available.

HUKKI fibrous casings with netting.

HUKKI fibrous casing with netting is ideal for smoked processed cheese and other smoked- cheese variations. Please, contact us for more information.