Raw cure meat products

Cost efficient manufacturing of ham and prosciutto with HUKKI VFX artificial casing.

Prepacked, sliced ham products are gaining ground with end-consumers. Due to its high resistance to stuffing pressure, our extremely robust VFX casing is an indispensable element in high-tech manufacture prosciutto. During the fully automated filling and clipping process, HUKKI VFX provides durability andstrength. VFX artificial casing surrounds the boned pieces of ham, gives them form and defies even high strain and filling pressure while preserving a steady caliber stability

A good slice of ham – a constant output with HUKKI VFX and high product compression.

HUKKI VFX delivers good, meaning consistent, slices. A high, consistent product compression is the key. This leads to reduced manufacturing time and helps safe-guard the  quality of the product during the maturing process. The leading machine manufacturers get the best results with VFX HUKKI casings.

Ideally suited also for meat delicacies like Coppa, Lomo, Bresaola, Cecina and much more. Contact us about the optimal use of all possible cost benefits.