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HUKKI honeycomb

A casing that inspires our customers.

Whether described as a rose salami, a flower salami, or a little cloud salami,
HUKKI honeycomb gives your salami a unique attribute, which inspires our
clients. We believe high quality sausage specialties demand a
one-of-a-kind casing. Do you agree?

A slice of salami – a genuine eye-catcher.

HUKKI honeycomb is an in-housedevelopment, which offers you just that, a
slice of salami that is a feast for the eyes. One glance at the
deli-counter will show that premium salamis in HUKKI honeycomb are at
the top in the premium segment. Consumers love it!

The optimal form for your sausage.

HUKKI honeycomb stands out from the masses with its unique look. The wealth
of experience that we can offer to our demanding customers is combined
in this refined casing. For HUKKI honeycomb we are going back to a
particular proven motif inspired by nature. Bees use the advantage of
hexagonal cells for the construction of their honeycombs intuitively. We
have chosen this perfect form with care and purpose. The gapless
joinable cell-forms offer the best possible ratio of holding-material to
volume through most economical distribution of strengthened areas. Due
to its naturally aesthetic form and the advantages it has in the
maturing process, this variation of refined HUKKI casing is one of our

Our rip cord for optimal peelability.

Our rip cord is excellently suited for sliced products and is remarkably
effective. The handling is amazingly efficient with a thread interwoven
in the netting faciliating the peelability. This is a HUKKI original.
Just contact us and we will be pleased to consult with you.

Key facts about HUKKI honeycomb

Caliber: 50-175

Conversion by the meter:

  • Bundles
  • Shirred sticks

Conversion by the piece:

  • Cuts with clips and loops

Product offer:

3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9 or 12 meshes

New: If desired with rip cord.