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HUKKI VFX – the solution for sliced products and mold ripened salami.

HUKKI VFX features an extra strong textile fabric and a thin film of collagen. Thanks to its textile fabric, HUKKI VFX is significantly more robust than equivalent collagen casings. This is why HUKKI is the answer to sliced applications, where high resistance to stuffing pressure and high caliber stability is key. Especially in the range of high filling calibers such as 175, this casing is unbeatably good.

HUKKI VFX – when the going gets tough.

HUKKI VFX offers maximum durability for strong stuffing. VFX provides a more consistent caliber from upper to lower range of the salami and size control. Do you have a sausage length of up to two meters? No problem for VFX. Nothing will tear, nothing will fall and nothing will burst. The undesired pear form can be avoided to the greatest possible extent. And all this without additional protection through netting or any other aid, which so often are necessary with mold ripened raw sausages in simple collagen casings. The combination of our extra strong textile and thin collagen casing guarantees an easy handling on all types of clip machines. Plus, you will gain the advantage of resilience without any loss in quality concerning the maturing capabilities.

HUKKI VFX – robots would go for VFX.

The features of our VFX casing are optimally tuned to the demands of the newest processing technology of modern sausage manufacturing. Robotics can be used for the filling and hanging of the sausages, transfering them to the maturing rooms and then to packaging. Fully automated and hygienic production lines require casings that can support these procedures reliably and efficiently: HUKKI VFX.

HUKKI VFX – strong casing for sliced ham.

Traditional ham producing countries like Italy or Spain have begun to recognize the alternative to bone-matured ham for sliced products. Ham does not have to mature on the bone anymore. Thanks to VFX casings, boned pieces of meat- either single or bundled-are held together. During maturing time, HUKKI VFX coats the boned ham giving it shape without needing additives. To the processor, HUKKI VFX artificial casing supports the fully automated filling and clipping procedures necessary for extra firmness and sturdiness. This reduces production time and assures the targeted quality.

HUKKI VFX – easy from “a” to “z”.

Yes, VFX advantages also show off during the peeling procedure. Do you have a bigger production volume? With HUKKI VFX, the use of specially developed peeling machines can  remove the casing hygienically and fully automatically, reducing labor costs. Why not implement a cost benefit analyses? Whether you are peeling manually or fully automatically, with HUKKI VFX you will achieve optimal results – fast and simple- just like with traditional HUKKI casings. Having the option to choose between various impregnations according to your raw sausage, raw ham or other specialties will guarantee you safe meat cling properties and an easy peeling process.

Versatilely usable – HUKKI VFX.

Let´s get in touch and talk about maximizing your benefits and all of the cost advantages of using HUKKI VFX for Coppa, Lomo, Bresaola and any other variety of raw ham. We will be happy to advise you regarding your particular product application.

Key facts about HUKKI VFX

Caliber: 55-175

Conversion by the meter:

  • Bundles
  • Rolls
  • Shirred sticks

Conversion by the piece:

  • Cuts with clips and loops
  • Caps, sewn to shape
  • Bladders, sewn to shape

For national and international meat specialties like:

  • Coppa
  • Bresaola
  • Panchetta
  • Lomo
  • Cecina

… VFX artificial casing is a perfect fit!