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HUKKI traditional

HUKKI – the dry sausage casing rich of traditions.

Puristic. Almost transparent. Unbelievably good. HUKKI is visibly of the highest. HUKKI traditional has a matte surface and shows what is inside. There is no unnatural gloss, making the visual appearance stand out to the end customers.This is key to successful sales. Regardless of whether the sausage is sold at the deli-counter or via self-service shelf, HUKKI shows the uniqueness of your sausage and entices customers to buy.

But there is more to HUKKI. Our collagen casing offers a textile reinforcement with high stability and safe fermenting of your sausage. HUKKI works especially well for mold-ripened products. Thanks to its rough structure, the casing surface offers better mold adhesion and a safe choice regarding hygiene matters throughout the ageing process.

Best of all, HUKKI is extremely user –friendly. The filling process with HUKKI casings is easy and the casing is simply wonderful to peel. If desired there are different adhesions and easy peel impregnations to choose from. Contact us. We are happy to give advice regarding which is the best choice for your product.

HUKKI sausage casings present your sausage and meat specialties in the best light. HUKKI offers you an added value in the cost-benefit analysis. Time is money and HUKKI casings are cost-efficient because they help accelerate maturity and ease of peeling. We are constantly striving for the better.

Key facts about HUKKI traditional

Caliber: 40-175

Conversion sold by the meter:

  • Bundle
  • Shirred sticks

Conversion by the piece

  • Bags, sewn
  • Casings, clip and loop
  • Caps, sewn to shape
  • Bladders, sewn to shape