About us

The company Huckfeldt & Thorlichen has grown continuously thanks to its high quality products and innovations. We invest in junior staff and are proud to be a steady employer to our long-standing employees. The meat industry is a fascinating and demanding sector. We are looking forward to breaking new grounds with and for our customers.

Your partner – the HUKKI team.

Dr. Jan Huckfeldt, Mr. Jörg Koch and Mr. Wolfgang Schulze lead in special counselling, applications technology and sales, forming a strong and experienced team. We are always in action- worldwide. We are glad to be at your service. Feel free to contact us.

Mr. Jörg Koch, who leads our sales department, encompasses many years of expert knowledge of the meat and sausage industry. Mr. Koch has been part of the Huckfeldt family enterprise for over 30 years.

The Team ist strengthened by Mr. Wolfgang Schulze as operations manager. Mr. Schulze combines an unfailing wealth of experience with his great passion for sausages and ham Join him under applications…

Quality – then and now.

80 years ago the company began its course by producing silk casings. We have kept this standard of high-value materials for our customers. We keep up with the times, just like our customers. Modern machinery and technology demand modern solutions. Just like our VFX casing,which is a genuine innovation. HUKKI VFX has an incredible strength and a very stable caliber, making it ideal for sliced products. VFX is extremely tough. Tried it, yet?

Finding solutions, offering innovations – HUKKI does it.

We are curious and we are open for any inspiration. Be it from nature for the design of our honeycomb net or be it in every day life for innovations, like our patented rip cord for practical handling purpose. The material sample test can even lead us to an excursion into the arts. For example, in a Robert Wilson production, the costume designers of the Thalia theatre in Hamburg created costumes using HUKKI casings. Innovations often result from necessity or play, and we aim to think outside the box…

Safety – with HUKKI casings.

We are well aware of the responsibility as a supplier of the food industry. We pledge to ensure the safety of the consumers. We react to the demands of this sensitive market both innovatively and quickly, just as we did during the BSE-crisis in the 1990s. HUKKI offered its clients alternative solutions and we have worked very successfully with pork collagen, ever since.

Design and artisanal craft – industrial art produced by HUKKI.

The design of our products is important to us. We want to give you the best range of artificial casings that are a feast for the eyes. Be it HUKKI honeycomb or HUKKI hitch, Daisy Slice or HUKKI bung for bending, our casings give your product the best possible presentation. We have always strived for uniqueness and HUKKI casings are one-of-a-kind.

Artificial casing producer of fourth generation – HUKKI remains true to itself.

HUKKI is all about quality. On this Gebhard Huckfeldt, HUKKI´s CEO and owner, was adamant.. Gebhard. R. Huckfeldt led and shaped the company significantly since 1972 until his passing in 2011. The Huckfeldt family are fully committed to the HUKKI brand. We continue to care for and look after highly esteemed HUKKI values: Quality; innovation; and custom-tailored solutions and services for our clients.

HUKKI is … the original.