Does the opportunity to work with a major retail chain beckon? If so, you will need a partner who works closely with you. You can trust HUKKI to work with you as a trusted partner.

HUKKI – your partner for new solutions.

To develop a new product requires intensive knowledge of the market, special know-how of the raw materials, the work processes and operations, the technology and cost parameters, and last but not least, a partner and supplier whom you can trust. Mr. Koch and Mr. Schulze are there for you every step of the way with advice and support. Mr. Schulze is our modern road warrior and is available for personalized visits.  Mr. Koch is HUKKI´s liason between the production and sales department and is always at your service.

For dry sausages, cooked sausages, raw cured and cooked meat products – HUKKI is your choice.

As suppliers we naturally do anything we can to pave the way for a smooth production flow. “This is why we like to cooperate with manufacturers of machines. It is in the interest of our clients.” Mr Koch stresses. “For example, the feedback from the machine producer Collard- Pelisson revealed that they are able to peel 350 to 500 sausages per hour fully automatically in our VFX casing. This is certainly information that we like to pass on to our customers. This type of consistent performance reinforces our quality attributes that can save time and money during production.”

HUKKI casings are equally suitable for dry sausages, cooked sausages, raw cured and cooked meat products. Let us assist you in finding the perfectly tuned result for you needs from our HUKKI assortment. You can rely on the wealth of experience of our HUKKI team.

Our HUKKI team is at your service – on location.

We are happy to give advice on technical applications for all meat and sausage specialties, as well as for vegan alternatives in close cooperation with your employees on-site. Of course, we also assist you in case individual solutions are needed. Our sales team led by Mr. Koch, as well as our quality assurance team, place their services at your disposal. Of course, outside Germany our dealers will be happy to assist you as well. We are delighted to counsel you on all questions that may arise regarding the application of our products, we will show your employees the easy way to handle HUKKI casings and we are always ready to assist or follow-up on a test run. Just call us for immediate and personal assistance.