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HUKKI Daisy Slice

HUKKI Daisy Slice- inspired by nature.

In Latin America on the fourth of April, homes are decorated with beautiful daisies, a symbol of spring. Get inspired by nature, like we did by using a refined form that goes hand in hand with sophisticated functions. The beautiful Daisy Slice is another design favorite of our HUKKI palette. Your sausage or ham delicacy in our HUKKI Daisy Slice casing is a feast to the eyes whether you are at an deli-counter or in the self-service shelf.

HUKKI Daisy Slice – a real beauty for cold-cuts or pizza toppings.

Yes, the beauty of HUKKI Daisy Slice casings only really shows in the slice. HUKKI Daisy Slice is tailor-made for cold-cuts or as pizza topping, because this is where the form really gets to show its ideal marketability. HUKKI Daisy Slice is available custom-made for your product with an individually tuned design. We can offer the net in an almost unlimited choice of colors, varieties and mesh-sizes. Please don´t hesitate to contact us. We are delighted to inform you on all possible variations of our product range and will be happy to council you in the selection of the perfect casing for your purposes.

HUKKI Daisy Slice – the perfect artificial casing with regards to handling processes.

The handling of the filling and peeling process is extremely easy with HUKKI Daisy Slice. No matter if you are processing our multi-layer casing manually or fully automated, the HUKKI Daisy Slice is a real partner thanks to its high mechanical strength. The HUKKI Daisy Slice casing guarantees high caliber stability. Your sausage can be filled under high pressure even with large calibers and lengths, for example up to 200cm, this casing meets the highest demands. You can be sure that your product will be easy to peel in our HUKKI Daisy Slice casing. For a perfect peeling process we are happy to provide various impregnations and if necessary custom-made meat cling and peeling features for your products. Excellent results are achievable with our rip cord. With this HUKKI-made innovation, your meat product can be prepared efficiently and at a cost-savings for sliced products and for the deli-counter.

HUKKI Daisy Slice – also for vegan and vegetarian products.

HUKKI Daisy Slice is extremely versatile. For vegan and vegetarian products, HUKKI Daisy Slice also works as an especially aesthetic and harmonious alternative to catch the eyes of your customers. Don´t hesitate to contact us for further information.